Angels Care Home Health
Specialty Programs

Our Behavior Care at Home program is only available from the following Angels Care Home Health locations:


Our Specialty Program for Mental Health Disorders is overseen by a board certified psychiatric physician that is available for consultation and oversight of any specialized patient needs. In addition to a host of acute and chronic care diagnoses, our nurses, specifically trained in psychiatric care, and therapists are able to address the many medical conditions that affect thoughts, mood and behavior through the holistic management of associated symptoms. Patients not only receive the psychiatric and physical health care they need, we meet with family members and loved one to:

  • Develop an individualized Crisis Management Plan
  • Educate on medication administration techniques
  • Discuss safe interventions that enhance the patient’s independence and safety in the home


Our nurse collaborates with you, your family and your physician to complete an individualized plan of care. The plan details which therapy, health care and personal care services are necessary to support you in regaining and maintaining a superior quality of life.

We are happy to serve you and to answer any questions you have regarding home health.